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7 prizes! Each worth 10K!

With the Sunshine Coasts Hot 91 you could win the one that changes your life!

Need more time on your weekend?
We’ve got robotic lawn mowers and power equipment from Nambour Outdoor Power up for grabs.

What about air con for the entire house?
We’ve got an LG ducted system from the AC Store.

And if you want to improve the flooring in your house?
We’ve got 10K of new flooring from Sunshine Coast Flooring Xtra.

Need some renos done on the house?
We’ve got a 10K renovators delight voucher from Sunshine Mitre 10.

What about a complete overhaul of your furniture and electrical?
There’s a 10K shopping spree at the Maroochydore Homemaker Centre up for grabs!

And if you want to improve your smile or the kids smile…
would 10K to spend at Coastwide Smiles work for you?

Need a new look for your bedroom?
There’s 10K to spend at Bed Shed to make that happen.

Register your details and let us know the prize you want to win and why below for your chance to play Hot 91’s Eliminator.

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