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You may have heard the authorities not just here in Australia but around the world expressing their fear and concerns of an increase in domestic violence within the current COVID-19 pandemic where everyone must self isolate.

Sadly for many men, women and children home may not be a safe place and these 'lockdowns' can trap people with perpetrators of abuse. The threat looms largest for them where they should be safest.

Many have questioned why people stay in these relationships, it is Emotional Abuse that cripples a person to the point they feel unable to walk away and it's one of the most powerful tools of Physical Abuse. As economic, social pressures and fear grows from the pandemic the world is facing, there is a real concern that a surge in domestic violence will continue.

Emma's podcast Emotional Abuse - A Conversation delves into the many different types of emotionally abusive relationships; all of them are insidious, often going undetected by family members, friends and even the victims themselves. Every single one of them can be damaging to a persons' mental and physical health. We are giving you the chance to win Author, Trainer and Presenter Rhonda Jansen's e-book 'Reclaim Your Soul' which is about healing from Narcissistic and Toxic relationships.

Rhonda tells her story in Series 1 episode 2 of the Emotional abuse podcast series, speaking about her experience of being married to and running a business with a malignant narcissist and how she managed to escape with her sanity and two children. She discusses how she reclaimed her life and offers perspective to others who need to free themselves from a similar situation. Rhonda also shares her thoughts in hindsight and offers suggestions for changing your mindset to gather yourself to leave these situations.

Emotional Abuse Podcast

What emotional abuse that looks like, and understanding of the terms such as a malignant narcissist, gaslighting, reactive abuse, enabler, and scapegoat are covered in Emma's podcast series as well as some of the signs to look out for, what tools you need to help yourself or others and how to reconcile the damage caused by narcissistic abuse, overcome a debilitating history and reclaim your life.

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If you or someone you know is impacted by sexual assault, domestic or family violence, call 1800RESPECT on 1800 737 732 or visit In an emergency, call 000. Lifeline is also available 24/7 for crisis support on 13 11 14.