Kitchen hack: Open a spaghetti packet with your bare hands

March 22, 2022 7:04 pm in by
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How do you open your spaghetti packet? Check out this smashing way to do it!

An adorable Italian grandma has gone viral on TikTok for showing a surprising way to open a packet of spaghetti.

“You never cut the spaghetti with the scissors,” Nonna.Elda.Cooks says in the video, which has had more than 10 million views.

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You don’t use a knife either, because it’s dangerous and you always end up ripping the bag awkwardly so you can’t seal it up again.

Instead, Nonna – which means Grandma in Italian – uses brute force to open her spaghetti packet and it’s made us gasp. We did not expect that from this sweet lady in the cute floral apron.

Check out Nonna showing the spaghetti who’s the boss by forcing the top seal to be broken with one quick counter smash:

@nonna.elda.cooks SPAGHETTI #Nonna #Italianfood #italiancanadian #nonnacooks #Toronto #cook #spaghetti #pastatiktok #pasta #learntocook #simplerecipes #food #italians ♬ original sound – Elda

Nonna’s technique shocked her granddaughter too, who was filming the video and whose gasp you can hear.

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Said her grandaughter in the comments: “I was genuinely shocked. I had no idea she was going to do that. 😂”

The technique was a surprise to most of Nonna’s more than 260,000 followers too, earning her much admiration:

“Don’t mess with Nona 😂 ”

“I never thought of doing it like that and I’m a professional chef.”

“Mine would break & crumble if I did that. That has to be years of old world experience.”

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A lot of people also left sweet comments about missing their own Nonnas.

“This video made me miss my nonna…it’s the cooking, the laughing and the apron. Classics…”

“I’m so happy this video reached me! I’m second generation Italian-American and know 0 of my heritage 🥺 this makes me feel more connected”

So next time you’re starved for carbs, use that hangry energy to smash open the spaghetti packet just like Nonna!

But should you add oil into your pasta water? Nonna has a thing to say about that!

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@nonna.elda.cooks Mangia! #Nonna #grandmasoftiktok #makepasta #canadian #italian #learntocook #nonnacooking ♬ original sound – Elda

Main image: TikTok/Nonna.Elda.Cooks 


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