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Hot 91.1 is proud to have Caitlin Bassett joining the on air team! Caitlin will be part of the Saturday Breakfast Show on Hot 91.1 along with Sunny Coast local lad Blake Pattenden.

Caitlin Bassett is one of Australia’s most recognisable sportswomen. Caitlin is a netball superstar and world class shooter in every sense of the word. Bassett consistently provides a high shooting percentage of over 90% as well as an ability to perform under pressure.

C. Bass & Blake will be entertaining the coast Saturday mornings from 7am with fun, relatable points of view. There will be competitions and we will get Caitlin’s fresh point of view on the coast and her experiences, discoveries and stories about the coast.

100% Sunshine Coast, Saturday Breakfast with C. Bass and Blake from 7am Saturday mornings only on Hot 91.1