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Heights No Issue For 'Spiderman' Thief



A Sunshine Coast Police Officer is warning locals that heights won't keep them safe from opportunistic thieves.

It comes after an accused thief, dubbed Spiderman, was caught climbing into units as high as the third storey at Caloundra and Buddina.  

Detective Senior Sergeant Daren Edwards is urging residents to locak their balcony doors and keep valuables out of sight.

"A lot of people with young children and young girls in these units, it's a high danger risk situation, you're providing the opportunity to male offenders predominantly to get access to those units" he said.  

Detective Senior Sergeant Edwards said the crime rate is dangerous enough as is, without throwing drugs in the mix.

"They're a danger to communities just getting out there, they don't care about the car, they don't care about the speed they drive, so let's try to prevent it from the start; locking that door and hiding your property away off tables and kitchen benches is an easy process and it's the first level of security" he said.

A man has fronted court over the offences listed above.  

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