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Flying Foxes Facing Famine Conditions

_YT_0487_Lyle's flying fox

Wildlife carers are reporting unprecedented numbers of starving flying foxes requiring care.

The starvation event is widespread – from Coffs Harbour through to Gladstone – and is currently being investigated by a flying fox ecologist.

Most flying foxes are between 30-40% underweight and are extremely under-condition, with many being found dead or close to death hanging low in branches.

Wildlife Rescue Sunshine Coast also raised the alarm this week.  

Councillor Daryl Dodt said that the starvation being experienced by our native species is yet another impact of the on-going drought.

“We want to assure the community that this is a starvation issue for these animals; it is not a disease outbreak,” said Cr Dodt.

“And it is so very unfortunate that this is coinciding with the flying fox birthing season.”

Wildlife organisations have warned that, unless there is a change in environmental conditions over the coming months, the situation is likely to get worse with more flying foxes likely to be found in parks and gardens during the day.

If you find a dead, sick, injured or orphaned flying-fox, please do not touch it. Instead, contact your local wildlife care organisation or the RSPCA on 1300 264 625 who will put you in contact with a licensed and fully-vaccinated wildlife rescuer who is trained to handle and care for wildlife.

If you have information on something happening near you or wish to contact the newroom use this link