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Noosa Mayor | Teach Kids About The Danger Of Lighting Fires

Noosa Mayor Tony Wellington said "everything is gradually returning to normal", after the Peregian fires flared up on Monday, sparking thousands of evacuations.

He said authorities have been out and about ever since the roads finally reopened again on Wednesday.

"We've got an additional waste service happening today for the residents at Peregian and also some additional bins etcetera.

Mr Wellington said the Community House at Peregian will serve as a Recovery Hub for the time being. It will remain open on Thursday and Friday and into next week.

Residents are able to access information and support there.

In terms of how the community rallied together during the Peregian fires, he said the "stories I'm getting back about assistance and offers of help are just heart warming.

On the subject of the fires being deliberately lit, Mr Wellington said "it's very sad to hear that the fire was deliberately lit by young people who perhaps weren't quite aware of the consequences of their actions".

"Obviously it's a lesson for parents everywhere that we really do need to be teaching children and teenagers what fire can actually do.

The Mayor added that he is sure the teens accused of lighting the Peregian fires probably didn't expect them to be as severe as they were and to have the impact they did.

"I'm sure...there's a lot of anger directed towards these two young people, nevertheless it's really about learning from this and applying that knowledge to ensure this doesn't happen again.

He is urging the community to remain vigilant with the wind expect to be more blustery again from Friday.

Mayor Wellington admitted that he saw someone who lives near him trying to burn off leaf litter, labelling it a "crazy action to take" particularly during a total fire ban.

By Michelle Price 

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