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Police Taking Threats Against Accused Teen Arsonists Seriously


Image Credit: Frances Adcock.  

Sunshine Coast Superintendent Darryl Johnson began by congratulating the fire service for "saving a town here, so hat's off to our fire service and the job they've done, 36 hours and they're still going out there, so well done".

On the subject of looting, he said "we have heard there's looting in our community, to this time, we haven't seen any reports of that".


Image Credit: Frances Adcock

He said he is quite confident there hasn't been any looting but "we'll be in this community permanently over the next few days and we just encourage anyone who has seen anyone in their houses to just come forward to us".

In terms of how the Peregian fire started, with several juveniles being questioned, Superintendent Johnson said "we are speaking to a couple of youths at the moment, that investigation will examine the cause of the fire, whether it was intentional or not, suffice to say, I think in more broader terms, we just got to look at what the community did here has been absolutely spectacular".


Some locals face devastation.  Image Credit: Frances Adcock 

He stressed that they are taking threats made against four juveniles accused of lighting this fire "seriously". But he said they still don't know if this fire was "intentional".

He asked for there to be no "vigilante" action against these young people.

Superintendent Darryl Johnson said we should not lose sight of the fact that we have been through a catastrophic event and have lost one, maybe two, houses.

He said there could have been many dozens of houses lost here, as well as injuries and deaths of people but that has not occurred.

By Michelle Price 

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