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Adani Confirms Global Engineering Firm Has Severed Ties

Aurecon Auckland

A global engineering firm has severed ties with Adani, under mounting pressure from protestors.

Aurecon has told Adani Australia that it will finalise its working relationship with it.

An Adani Australia spokesperson said “Aurecon has notified Adani Australia that it will finalise its working association with Adani, following a relationship with Abbot Point Terminal that spanned more than two decades.

“While we are surprised by the decision, given the positive long-term relationship and the fact that we are not aware of any commercial issues or disputes between our companies, we value the work that Aurecon has delivered for our port and renewable energy businesses.

“We are already in conversations with other businesses and a number of companies have eagerly expressed their interest in taking up this portfolio of work, along with other current opportunities to work with our Australian port business, the Carmichael Project, and our renewables business.

“There has been a concerted campaign by extremists against our Carmichael Project and businesses that partner with us.

“It has not succeeded and construction of the Carmichael Project is well and truly underway.

“We have repeatedly demonstrated that we will not be intimidated or deterred from delivering on our promises to Queenslanders, Australians and the people in developing nations who desperately need affordable energy to help lift them out of poverty.

“We are incredibly proud of our Australian businesses that have delivered thousands of jobs and more than $3.6 billion into the Australian economy in the short space of nine years.

“We could not have achieved this success without the support of our suppliers and business partners, many of whom have been with us since day one.

“Together we are proud to be a part of Australia’s world-class coal industry that last year directly employed for more than 50,000 people, and a further 120,000 indirect jobs across the  country.”

“Our company is walking the talk when it comes to climate change. We recognise the science and are taking active steps to address the global challenge that is climate change through our international renewables business.

“We have now brought this business to Australia, and recently switched on a 65MW solar farm at Rugby Run in central Queensland.

“Our business is at the forefront of addressing the challenge of rising energy demand in Asia while reducing emissions intensity and we are playing our part in delivering a reliable and secure global energy mix to help create more equitable standards of living between the developed and the developing world.

“Coal is critical to this mix as it provides affordable, reliable baseload power.

“We are proud of the breadth of Adani’s international business, which touches millions of people’s lives by supplying renewable energy, electricity transmission, gas for cars and cooking, coal for electricity, food and services in agriculture, ports, aerospace, healthcare, housing, airports, roads, data storage and so much more.”

The Queensland Resources Council (QRC) said it was disappointing to see reports that engineering firm Aurecon would end its business relationship with Adani based on ill-informed bullying from anti-resources activists.

QRC Chief Executive Ian Macfarlane said regional Queenslanders would be the ones who missed out on jobs as a result.“All businesses and CEOs should stand up to defend the opportunities in our resources sector,” Mr Macfarlane said.

“The resources sector is one of Queensland’s biggest employers. It supports more than 315,000 jobs, and over 262,000 of those jobs are in associated businesses and industries.“The majority of those supporting jobs are in regional Queensland.

“So it’s disappointing to see any business give in to bullying tactics from activists, many of who are acting illegally to disrupt lives and businesses.

“Ultimately every company can make its own business decisions. But it’s local workers who will miss out through the lost opportunities of working on new investments and new resources projects.“

The resources sector creates one in every eight jobs in Queensland and generates one in every five dollars.

"It delivers for every Queenslander through more than $5.2 billion in royalty taxes and making up 80 per cent of Queensland’s export earnings.

“It provides jobs and opportunities in every town and city in Queensland.

“All Queenslanders should be proud of our resources industry and the incredible things it helps build.

“We should stand up against the bullying tactics of anti-resources activists, most of who rely on the very industry they demonise for their everyday lives.

“The QRC backs our resources workers and we hope to see everyone in our great industry do the same.”

By Michelle Price 

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