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Noosa Getting Back To Normal - Erosion Measures Being Removed

Noosa Beach.  Image Credit: Frances Adcock 

Noosa's beaches have pretty much been restored to their former glory, after Cyclone Oma made her presence known back in February.

Mayor Tony Wellington said Main Beach is looking like it did prior to the natural disaster.

He said "we did put up some railings to prevent people tripping over the rock wall that is under the sand there, we're going to take those railings away now".

"So everything's back to normal, we're very fortunate to have, of course, a sand pumping system there so if we lose sand we can start to replenish it artificially through the pumping system.

Mayor Wellington said erosion is of course a natural phenomenon but we don't want to lose "what is obviously our largest natural asset, which is the Main Beach".

By Michelle Price 

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