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State Reinvests In Shark Nets

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The State Government will increase its spending on shark control over the next four years.

Tuesday's state budget will include more than $17 million for shark control measures, including drum lines.

$1 million a year will also be spent on trialling new technologies.

Fisheries Minister Mark Furner said the boost in funding is needed, "well there's more people that are using our waterways, there's growing populations, there's more people visiting Queensland; it's a tourist destination, so we need to make sure that we look after those tourists, we need to make sure we look after those Queenslanders".

He also said, "the drone technology, what I saw last year after our Budget announcement up in Mooloolaba there, you can send the drone out within a matter of minutes and drop a buoy to rescue people, but also to pick up the frequency of any sharks that might be in the location as well, so that's the way of the future".

"You'll see that as the tranche of assistance and measures we'll have in place to make sure our swimmers and our visitors to the Gold Coast and other locations in Queensland are safe" Mr Furner said.  

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