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REPORT | Palmer Paying QNI Workers To Stay Silent


AAP Image/Glenn Hunt

Clive Palmer claims he has paid former Queensland Nickel workers their entitlements already.  

The political hopeful made the remark during a press conference on Thursday.  

Recently Mr Palmer told media, "I had arranged personally to arrange for payment of any outstanding entitlements to all former workers of Queensland Nickel, considering the hard times being experienced in Townsville...although I was just a shareholder of the holding company of Queensland Nickel at the time with no personal liability, I had arranged for a payment of $7 million to sit in a Solicitor's Trust Account".  

That Solicitor is responsible for dealing with all the claims and paying the workers.

But on Thursday, Mr Palmer said the entitlements had been paid.  

One journalist pressed Mr Palmer on this point, arguing that if the money wouldn't flow until after the May 18 Federal Election, how could he say it had been paid?

Mr Palmer replied that "We're paying $7 million today [Thursday] into the trust account of a Solicitor to adminster the scheme and to pay the workers as soon as they can, so we would have signed a cheque, we will deposit $7 million in the bank", before adding "so you haven't got a story, try to get positive if you can".

News Corp reports that Mr Palmer has tried to silence those workers, citing legal documents.

The publication said workers still owed cash, are being told to sign a document agreeing to never criticise Mr Palmer if they take his cash.

The workers have also been told they must release Mr Palmer from all other liabilities if they accept his offer to pay entitlements.

He eventually walked out of the press conference saying "see you later, bye bye" as he was peppered with questions.  

By Michelle Price 


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