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Clive Palmer Hits Back At Election Memes With His Own

Clive Palmer Billboard By Perth Jaywalker - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0.jpg

Image By Perth Jaywalker - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

Political hopeful, Clive Palmer, has released a series of memes, hitting back at Labor and the Liberals.  

The mining giant has been saturating the media with political advertising ahead of this weekend's Federal Election.  

Mr Palmer released the below meme on Tuesday.

A short time later he posted this.

One twitter follower reacted with the following tweet.

The Australian Labor Party put together a meme of Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Mr Palmer in bed together.  Click here for more.  

In fact, Labor hasn't held back, targeting Sco Mo and Clive on their Facebook page. 

And this, not so flattering photo of Mr Palmer, who set up a trust fund for ex QNI workers waiting for their entitlements to be paid out. said this year’s election will be the first in Australia where the parties will be advertising more on social and digital platforms than traditional media, mainly to save money.  

They also said that unlike heritage media, digital and social is extremely targeted, and can be done in the “dark,” so your opponents may not even be aware of the message you are pushing out.

Clive took another swips at the PM and Opposition Leader, despite announcing recently that he would preference the LNP.

Digital and social advertising can also be shared or even created by users themselves, further increasing the reach of a party’s messaging. This gets around the Australian Electoral Commission rules on advertising – technically they are not ads since no party is paying for them to be shared on people’s feeds according to The Conversation.  

They also said, throw into the mix laws on political advertising – which allow parties to advertise up to and on election day on social media, but not traditional media – and we are likely seeing the first largely digitally driven election campaign in Australian political history.

We head to the polls on Saturday.  

By Michelle Price 

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