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Sunshine Coast Hosts 'Relationship Advice' Evening - First In Oz


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Anyone who has been in a long-term relationship knows that the concept of a fairy-tale romance is a big, fat lie. But few people are willing to acknowledge just how completely messy, awkward and complicated a relationship can truly be at times.

Local residents, Simone Milasas and Brendon Watt, recently released the book Relationship, Are You Sure You Want One? It's not your average relationship book about love and romance, instead the authors invite YOU to be the source of your own happiness, not a relationship.


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"How many great relationships do you see out there? I don’t mean long lasting relationships. I am talking about caring relationships where you empower each other to be as great as you can be?" asks Brendon.

Brendon and Simone will be holding their first Australian class on 18th April from 6:30pm at Noosa Springs Golf and Spa Resort. This will also be streamed live across the world.

They will examine tools from their book, such as:

  • The biggest mistakes people make in a relationship
  • How do you consciously “uncouple”/break up.
  • Women’s and men’s subtext
  • Why gratitude is one of the most important elements in a relationship
  • 5 myths on being in a relationship
  • 4 questions to ask in your relationship every day
  • Money and love - how to approach finances in a relationship

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Relationships Done Different event details: 
DATE : 18th April
Venue: Noosa Springs Golf and Spa Resort
Time: 6:30pm '

Brendon and Simone said the book is not about love and romance and telling you how to have the perfect relationship, instead it offers questions you can ask every single day to create what you truly desire.

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They also have a popular Vlog called No More Sugar Coating No Sugar Coating Vlog they just released answering your questions on relationships. What would be possible if we started to say what really is, when it comes to relationship? With no more sugar coating. What really is going on. What really is required. What really works.

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