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Sunny Coast Woman 'Not Surprised' By Latest Seizure Of Horses

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Tanesha Ashelford with one of her charges.  Image Supplied 

Tanesha Ashelford runs a not-for-profit horse rescue service, Forest Glen Horse Rescue, on the Sunshine Coast and said she isn't surprised by the latest seizure of horses carried out by the RSPCA.

Horses in what the RSPCA has labelled 'appalling condition' have recently been seized by Inspectors and sadly, more are expected next week.

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Image Credit: RSPCA

“We understand only too well about drought conditions but hay, although expensive, is available and it’s an owner’s responsibility to make certain their animals are fed,” said RSPCA Chief Inspector Daniel Young.

“If they genuinely can’t afford to keep them then they need to make other arrangements such as a rescue group or agistment.

Image Credit: RSPCA

Eight horses are now at RSPCA Qld’s Wacol shelter and another eight are expected in the coming week.

Image Credit: RSPCA

“We desperately need foster carers that can take some of these horses", said Shelter Manager Nanda ten Grotenhuis.

“Some areas, particularly around the Gold Coast, still have ample feed, but the RSPCA also organises feed for all foster carers. We simply don’t have the space to keep them onsite once they are ready to be rehomed. We also have two beautiful miniature horses that are looking for a home. They were in terrible condition when they came in but they’re in great shape now" she said.

Image Credit: RSPCA

Meantime, on the Sunshine Coast, Tanesha said "we get horses like that in all the time, if we can try to offer our services before they get to that extreme level, it can be difficult sometimes. 

She said she understands "people go through tough times and you're gonna choose to feed your family before you're gonna feed your animals so sometimes life is cruel like that and you're gonna have to make those decisions, we like to get in there and help them as much as we can even if we're providing numbers of feeders we know who are reasonably priced".

She added that hay is in short supply at the moment, "suppliers around the Sunshine Coast have completely run out or haven't been able to cut or have cut too early due to the crazy weather we've had" so feed is being sought from other locations sending prices up by between five and ten-dollars.

Tanesha used to rescue dogs and cats while working as a Vet Nurse.  She moved to the Sunshine Coast in May and bought some property and was looking for another avenue to help animals.

She went to the meatworks sale in September and said "I didn't realise what I was walking into, and it was just absolutely horrific, and I couldn't believe how many horses didn't have a sanctuary or somewhere to call home, like perfectly good horses that it's just come down to a family circumstance".

Tanesha adopted a few of them and has been posting about their journeys on social media.  She started off with three and now we have rehomed 12 and we have 15 in care and a few with foster families.

She said in some cases she has been warned an animal was 'dangerous' or 'untrainable' and sometimes that has turned out not to be the case.  Some of them have turned out to be the best horses they have ever had, "they're products of their environment, like people, so if they're in a toxic environment they'll generally show toxic signs".

She is chasing forever homes for her animals, with the youngest animal they received being just three months of age and others as old as 20.  

If you have some land and aren't ready to provide a forever home for one of these animals there are fostering options available.

You can follow her Facebook page, Forest Glen Horse Rescue, and Instagram page fgd_horse_rescue.

Her goal at the moment is to source sponsorship and long term donators whether it be equipment, feed or money. 

She is also looking for volunteers and foster homes for a few of long term cases.  She would also encourage people to turn to rescues and meatworks when considering taking on a horse as there are so many without homes that wont be given another chance.

Tanesha's animal rescue service is in the process of becoming a tax deductible service, meaning people who donate will be able to claim those donations as a tax deduction.  

She said long term sponsorship would be amazing, or residents can head to the Tanawah feed shed or any of the local produce stores and purchase some feed.

Funding is limited as Tanesha is a full time uni student, a full time rescuer and works part time to pay for the horses. So any type of contribution whether it be money, food or resources would be very much appreciated.

They also have a Go Fund Me Page called 'Forest Glen Dogger Horse Rescue' if you can help that way.

If you can foster any of the animals seized by the RSPCA please email [email protected] for more information on fostering horses and an application form.

By Michelle Price 

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