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Feeding Fussy Toddlers - Sorted

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Food that looks good tastes better – and with the growing number of parents raving about one Australian business, Emondo Kids created by the Sunshine Coast’s Sharon Hunter, we are seeing this is true!

The beautiful bamboo children’s dinnerware contains a range of uniquely designed plates that encourage children to be ‘little artistic mini chefs’ and also for their parents to be involved with them in their mealtimes in a fun, relaxed way.

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Sharon Hunter.  Image Supplied 

From a rainbow plate to a frilled neck lizard the plates capture the imagination thanks to the cleverly designed segmentation of the plates.

They are like a food art tray, each little section can hold a different food and it can be different every time you eat, they encourage the use of a wider range of food and especially colourful foods. All good news for parents wanting their children to eat healthier.

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Designer Sharon Hunter gets a lot of feedback every day from parents about the difference the plates make on their kids mealtimes, “I find it very rewarding when I get feedback from parents all over the world saying that they are not stressed about mealtimes now and that the plates have sparked some sort of magical creativity to which they are addicted now and the kids love it. It’s so rewarding.”

She said children are so delighted with the plates that their parents, caregivers and educators even send Sharon photos all the time proudly showing their creations and happy smiling faces of their kids. So much so her Instagram took off and now has a rapidly growing following of over 47,000 fans.

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Even fussy eaters are taken in by the beautiful artistic nature of the plates. The innovative design means parents and children engage together and use a wide variety of foods and ingredients to fill and decorate the plates which then inspires children to try new foods and eat healthier.

One of the most popular plates, Lizzie the frilled neck lizard has proven to be one of the most fun for kids to decorate.

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“When I designed Lizzie, I wanted a plate that was perfect as a sharing platter and as a snacking nibbling tray. All those compartments are designed in mind to fit a variety of flavours,” said Sharon.

Like the rainbow plate that creates a fun way to, ‘ eat a rainbow.’

The Australian business has hit a much-needed demand by parents for a better approach to mealtime stress and now has a global market with a fan base growing daily. Sharon is so excited by the success but most of all, she is really happy to be giving parents a practical and beautiful solution to the time old battle of mealtimes, fussy eaters and introducing new foods to toddlers!

She credits the concept to her daughter, Ellory, “my daughter was a great eater until she turned 18 months old and would refuse anything. I noticed that if I was plating the food in creative ways she would eat, but who has the time to cut watermelon into shooting stars, grapes into caterpillars and turn boiled eggs into a snowman right? So I was searching for a plate that had a template I could just follow with normally cut food to create a piece of art but there was nothing out there. Or it was plastic. So I was like, ok, is not there so I am going to create one! So I did! My idea started in August 2016 with sketches, followed by samples, test and trial and I launched in December 2016.”

The Emondo plates range can be found at: and At Emondo Kids on Facebook and Instagram.

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