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Local Business Going Great Guns

Sunshine Coast designer Sharon Hunter’s ethical children’s dinnerware range is taking hold in the global market after great success in Australia.

Local designer and founder of Emondo Kids Sharon is excited to be really breaking into the global market after strong interest and sales both in Australia and overseas.

The popularity is largely due to the creative designs with clever segmented styling which encourage creativity with food, inspiring children to eat a wide range of foods and see mealtimes as an interactive and fun experience rather than a chore.

All of which takes a lot of pressure and stress out of feeding young children for parents.

“I find it very rewarding when I get feedback from parents all over the world saying that they are not stressed about mealtimes now and that the plates have sparked some sort of magical creativity to which they are addicted now and the kids love it. It’s so rewarding.” She said.

Sharon has carved a niche for herself with her bamboo dinnerware and its unique segmented designs featuring popular themes for children such as a rainbow and Australian wildlife.

“It makes me feel very proud because it shows all the hard work and sacrifices I have made are now starting to translate into a tangible outcome,” said Sharon about the brands success.

And it hasn’t come without a lot of hard work, passion and dedication from Sharon.

“At the same time I also feel overwhelmed because the business is growing so quickly. It’s proving to be a massive learning curve for me. Just as I think I’ve got a handle of it all, a new challenge arises and I realise the learning and growth within myself will never end. It’s daunting but also rewarding. I take great pride in pushing myself for the betterment of the company.”

Sharon’s Instagram account with over 47,000 fans is a testament to how popular the plates are. Parents regularly send her photos of the creations they have made with their children and to express their love for the brand and how much it has helped with fussy eaters or to reduce mealtime stress.

And it is Sharon’s realness and passion that make her not just a successful businesswoman but also an inspirational person.
“At the end of the day I am just a mum who wants to help other mums and dads”, she said.

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