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Indigenous Boxer Inducted Into Sunshine Coast Sports Hall Of Fame


Image Credit: Supplied Brad Hore

Indigenous boxer Brad Hore has been inducted into the Sunshine Coast Sports Hall of Fame in a ceremony overnight.

A veteran in the sport, Hore competed as an amateur boxer, twice each at the Olympics and the Commonwealth Games before turning professional in 2012.

Hore said the transition from amateur to professional was a long road.

"It was a bit different at first, especially with the training styles.

"You have to take your time more.

"Focusing on recovery and mentally strong was the key to staying fit and avoiding injuries," he said.


Image Credit: Supplied Brad Hore 

Hore was the 23rd Indigenous Olympian to represent Australia.

A proud Indigenous man Hore said he's been inspired by Aboriginal Activist, the late Bonita Mabo.

"The Mabos were always someone to look up to, they always fought for their rights," he said.

"Boxing as well has taught me so many things about my culture along the way."

By Frances Adcock & Michelle Price 

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