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Stop Adani Sing Their Version Of Carols At The Plaza

Adani Protest CC BY SA 2.0

CC SA 2.0

Stop Adani Sunshine Coast and supporters will pop up outside the Event cinemas at the Sunshine Plaza to entertain the shoppers with our rendition of popular Christmas Carols, uniquely altered to convey our message about climate change and the Adani mine.

Following this, we will congregate outside the office of local federal member Ted O'Brien to continue singing our carols.

Each member of the group will also present Mr. O'Brien, or his representative, with a personalised postcard stating why the proposed Adani coal mine should not go ahead.

They will queue at the office of local member Ted O'Brien and exercise our civic responsibility by telling Ted our personal and individual reasons why we think he should act to help stop the Adani coal mine.

Stop Adani spokesperson Peter Hogg states that Mr. O'Brien is on record as supporting the Adani mine and the development of the Galilee Basin. Our purpose is to advise him why so many of his constituents don't agree. With Adani publicly advising they can now fund the mine & that they are poised to begin construction, now more than ever, it is important that all federal and state MPs, including Mr. O'Brien understand the strength of feeling in their communities against this mine.

Peter Hogg also advised that Stop Adani Sunshine Coast are following up on a recent door knocking campaign where they found strong community support for their opposition to the Adani coal mine and any plans to develop new coal mines, with 65% of people spoken too opposing the mine.

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