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Sunshine Coast Third Most Storm Affected Location In Qld

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The Sunshine Coast has been named as Queensland’s third most storm affected region as new research suggests Queenslanders underestimating damage that storms cause.

After the latest round of severe storms swept through, NRMA Insurance is releasing new behavioural research and insurance claims data in a bid to encourage Queenslanders to prepare for the storm season which traditionally runs from October to March.

They found 12% of all the storm claims in QLD during the last financial year came from the Sunshine Coast.

Buderim was also named as the 3rd most storm affected town or suburb in Queensland for the last financial year.

The top 5 most storm affected suburbs in the Sunshine Coast region were:

  • Buderim
  • Beerwah
  • Landsborough
  • Tewantin
  • Mooloolah Valley

Despite parts of Queensland experiencing one of its driest years on record, over a third (36%) of all home claims made in Queensland in the last financial year were the result of storm damage.

43% of all home claims over the past five years (2013-2018) in Queensland were due to storm damage, and storms cost the state over $660 million every year.

The Storm Season months of October 2017 to March 2018 saw the most damage with 89% of all storm related home claims in Queensland occurring during the Storm Season period.

NRMA Insurance has also released long term data that shows nearly half (43%) of all home claims over the past five years (2013-2018) in Queensland have been the result of storm damage.

Despite NRMA Insurance records showing that storms cost QLD over $660 million every year, new research by NRMA Insurance 4 shows just 48% of people in Queensland say they are worried that storms could cause damage to their property.

However in a positive sign that safety messages are starting to resonate, NRMA Insurance found nearly two-thirds of Queenslanders (65%) say they take proactive steps to prepare their home for storms.

This is in stark contrast to those who live south of the border, with just over a third of people in NSW (37%) saying they prepare their homes for

The research also found that people who live in apartments (39% compared to 54% of people in houses), Millennials (44% compared to 57% of those aged 45+) and people living in urban areas (47% compared to 59% of those from regional areas) are the least likely to prepare their homes for storms.

“While it’s encouraging that so many Queenslanders are taking steps to prepare their homes for oncoming storms, it’s still a concern that so many people who live in urban areas, as well as young people, are underestimating the impact storms can have. Together with the QLD SES we’re urging everyone, whether you live in an apartment in a city, or a house in a regional area, to take the time now to prepare for Storm Season,” said Ramana James, Executive General Manager, Safer Communities for NRMA Insurance.

“While the effects of the drought in some parts of Queensland have been well documented, it’s important people do not view the looming Storm Season as drought relief. Rain events and storm events are very different. Storms feature short, heavy bursts of rain that can cause flash flooding as well as violent winds and lightning strikes that can leave a trail of destruction in their place.

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