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Sunshine Coast Boy's Desperate Bid For Lifesaving Treatment

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A Peregian Springs family's in desperate need of our help.

Seven-year-old Jake has been diagnosed with brain cancer.

Jake has already endured 2 surgeries down in Brisbane but the surgeons down there are no longer willing to operate on him as they say it is too risky a surgery.

Dr CharlieTeo has advised that Jake's one and only chance of survival is this 3rd op where he will remove 95% of the cancer.  Chemo and radiation are not an option for little Jake.

The surgery and trip down to Sydney not to mention loss of income will cost the family around $50k and they only have 3 weeks to raise it.

Family friend Jodi Theisen said their Go Fund Me initially raised around $10,000 when he first got sick, but then his condition got worse.

Now the target has been set at $60,000, with more than $30,000 raised.

If you want to help out Jake and his family you can head to their Go Fund Me page here.

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