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Queensland lettuce farmers team up with Coles to boost supply


Lockyer Valley farmers are teaming up with Coles to provide a temporary solution for customers wanting to buy iceberg lettuces, after floods and cold weather significantly affected their supply.

South-east Queensland Coles customers will be able to purchase two smaller lettuces for $6.50, the same price they would currently pay for one.

The initiative allows growers in the Lockyer Valley to use some of the iceberg lettuce crops that have been affected by the recent wet weather and will also improve availability for customers.

While these lettuces haven’t fully grown due to the extremely cold weather, they are still delicious and in fantastic condition.

Lockyer Valley producer Matt Hood from Rugby Farm says there is plenty of this product in their fields and this initiative will ensure they don’t go to waste.

“We’ve had devastating floods earlier this year, ongoing heavy rainfall, recent cold weather and lower levels of sunlight and that means we’ve struggled to get our lettuces to grow to a big enough size that customers would expect,” Matt says.

“We are so pleased to work with Coles to produce a product that will still be delicious and fresh.

“The current iceberg lettuces in the fields are small, however the hearts are still crisp and great for eating, which is why we are doubling up to give customers two instead of one.”


Coles general manager of produce Craig Taylor says said the Coles fresh produce team is working closely with growers to help them recover as quickly as possible.

“When we spoke to the team at Rugby Farm and heard that there was a supply of delicious lettuces in the ground that weren’t going to make it to the full size because of the cold weather we knew we had to come up with a solution to help our customers and our growers.


Images: Lockyer Valley producer Mark Aquilino - Supplied

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