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FEDERAL ELECTION 2022 Fairfax: Profile - Nikki Civitarese


Name: Nikki Civitarese

Age: 42

Current occupation: Business Owner

Party: Pauline Hanson's One Nation

Where do you live? Rosemount

1 Finish this sentence. Voters should elect me because ...?

I am pledging to give the people of Fairfax my parliamentary votes.

I will deliver an online platform where you can vote on bills put forward to be passed in parliament, then I lodge my vote for the bill based on the majority vote of my constituents, ultimately giving you a voice.

After all, what is a democracy if you don’t have a voice.

2 Cost of living pressures are being felt across your electorate with CPI at 5.1% and interest rates likely to continue rising. What will you do to ease those pressures?

One Nation will apply a national plan that guarantees low-cost, reliable, dispatchable power by building new low-emission coal-fired power stations.

We will restore Australia’s essential 90-day fuel security policy with on-shore oil reserves and the capacity to refine fuels for domestic supply.

By reducing the cost of these two things alone, which are a major operational cost for most businesses, it will have a significant flow on effect across the supply chain, reducing the cost of living.

3 Many people in your electorate have been affected by the housing and rental crisis. What will you do to address this issue in your electorate in the short and long term?

We want to ban foreign ownership of residential property to increase the supply of housing – foreign owners would be given a 12-month grace period to sell Australian residential property.

Twelve percent of all residential investment property is foreigner owned, imagine is 12 in 100 homes suddenly came on the market in the next 12 months, this would stabilise the market and bring down housing prices.

4 As the population grows in your electorate, critical infrastructure will be crucial. What vital projects will you push for in your electorate?

If the recent floods showed us anything, it is we need better drainage systems and better roads. Historically when main roads are being repaired, the funding only allows for just that, repair.

A lot of the roads require redesign to be able to cope with rising flood waters. In particular in the Coolum area, this is something I will be focusing on.

5 If elected, what is the key issue you will champion in parliament?

Drop the mandates! These vaccine mandates have crippled our economy and caused thousands of people to lose their jobs, their businesses and livelihoods. They have divided families and friends and caused segregation in our once tight knit community.

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to health and people should be able to make their own judgements on these “vaccines” and not being forced into it by the government's coercive measures.

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