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FEDERAL ELECTION 2022 Fairfax: Profile - Lisa Khoury


Name: Lisa Khoury

Age: 53

Current Occupation: Aviation Safety, Quality, Compliance, Risk and Change Management Specialist

Party: The United Australia Party

Where do you live?  Kureelpa 

1 Finish this sentence. Voters should elect me because...?

Australians have been voting the same way for decades, and when we look at the result, we find the Liberal, Labor and Greens have created more homelessness, depression, poverty, division, loss of freedoms and a national debt further threatening our way of life.

My core values stand for truth, civil liberties, individual & national sovereignty & God-given freedoms, all of which underpin a prosperous democracy.

A Government’s role is to provide a safe and stable environment for their citizens to go about creating the life they desire. I stand by these values to provide freedom and opportunity.

If you are unhappy with the current outcomes, Vote for United Australia Party and save Australia.

2 Cost of living pressures are being felt across your electorate with CPI at 5.1% and interest rates likely to continue rising. What will you do to ease those pressures?

The current Labor and Liberal duopoly are not mentioning the tsunami of pain that will be inflicted on Australian homeowners with the interest rate rise predictions.

At 4% it is predicted 60 percent of Australians will be under mortgage stress, at 6%, 80 percent of Australians will be under mortgage stress. What if you have borrowed against your home for your business?

Why aren’t the duopoly talking about this?

United Australia Party has a real plan to pay the trillion dollar debt and save Australian homes and businesses. We will fix interest rates through legislation at no more than 3% for five years to protect Australians and their homes.

We will pay down the National Debt by implementing a 15% Iron Ore Levy on exports. Paying off the debt in record time of 20 years.

3 Many people in your electorate have been affected by the housing and rental crisis. What will you do to address this issue in your electorate in the short and long term?

This Labor/Liberal duopoly know about the coming crisis of more Australians losing their homes creating greater pressure on the rental market and homelessness.

They ensured the banks will be safe with the bank bail-in laws passed to protect banks, not you and the Australian families.

The United Australia Party when elected will,

· Regulate interest rates so the home loans do not increase over 3% for five years. This is easily done by legislation.

Ensure Australians can enter the home market by making the first Thirty Thousand dollars to your home loan tax deductable.

· Introduce a 20% zonal tax concession which will encourage Australians to settle in regional areas reducing the housing pressure.

4 As the population grows in your electorate, critical infrastructure will be crucial. What vital projects will you push for in your electorate?

The Liberal member has been promising Roads and Rail for the last three elections. We are still yet to realise the infrastructure. The 1.6 Billion promised by the LNP is on the condition the State Government pay their share. It’s an empty promise.

The United Australia Party will bring home One Trillion Dollars invested overseas to Australian Shores for the benefit of Australians. This equates to 6.5 Billion Dollars per electorate.

We will build the roads and railway, we don’t need to do deals that will not eventuate and become empty promises as they did in 2016, 2019, and now in 2022.

In addition, we will put,

· $40 Billion straight into Hospitals, and

· $20 Billion  straight into schools

5 If elected, what is the key issue you will champion in parliament?

My priority when entering parliament will be to work for the Australian people and my electorate of Fairfax. The first order of events will be to enact the policies that will return prosperity and freedom to the people while ensuring Australians in need are taken care of.

These policies are:

· 15% Iron Ore Export Levy (Australians will finally benefit from their resource rich country and relieve the burden of the Labor/Liberal debt),

· maximum 3% for five years on your home loan to save Australian homes,

· first $30,000 Tax deductable on your home loan to help new homeowners enter the market,

· 20% tax concession for regional areas reducing pressure on the busy coastal regions, and

· 1 Trillion Dollars in super returned home benefiting Australians

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