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FEDERAL ELECTION 2022 Fairfax: Profile - Sue Etheridge


Name: Sue Etheridge

Age: 60

Current occupation: Self Employer & Small Business Owner

Party: Queensland Greens

Where do you live? Ilkley

1 Finish this sentence. Voters should elect me because ...?

The Greens have a comprehensive Policy Platform to fight for the future and provide the things we all need for a better life.

I'm a small business owner and have extensive experience in banking, finance and business management. I also volunteer in finance roles with several community and not-for-profit organisations and have extremely good listening, speaking, negotiation and consensus decision making skills.

I will be able to work with other elected MP’s to deliver the best outcome for my Fairfax community by making sure my voice is heard and my opinion is respected.

2 Cost of living pressures are being felt across your electorate with CPI at 5.1% and interest rates likely to continue rising. What will you do to ease those pressures?

Wages aren’t keeping up with inflation. We will lift the minimum wage to 60% of the median wage, and close the gender pay gap by guaranteeing annual award wage increases of CPI + 0.5% in women-dominated industries.

The last time the Greens were in the balance of power, we got free dental care for kids. This time we’ll go even further to bring down costs of essentials like healthcare, education and housing.

We’ll tax billionaires and big corporations to fund:

Free dental and mental healthcare for everyone under Medicare

Free education from school to TAFE and university

Wiping student debt

One million new affordable homes

Free, universal childcare

Raising all income support payments (including Jobseeker and pensions) to $88/day

3 Many people in your electorate have been affected by the housing and rental crisis. What will you do to address this issue in your electorate in the short and long term?

The Greens are the only party with a housing policy that addresses the rental crisis, meets social housing wait list needs, and brings down prices.

We will establish a national standards for renters rights, including capping rent increases, stopping ‘no-grounds’ evictions, and introducing accessibility, energy efficiency, and sustainability standards.

Across Australia over 20 years, the Greens fully-costed housing plan will deliver:

750,000 new public and community houses

125,000 new shared ownership homes, which will allow first-home buyers to buy a home where they want to live for $300,000

125,000 new public universal-access rental homes with rent capped at 25% of income

4 As the population grows in your electorate, critical infrastructure will be crucial. What vital projects will you push for in your electorate?

We need better public and active transport infrastructure to cut traffic congestion and reduce emissions as our communities grow.

The Greens plan includes an extra $25B for rail and bus services and $500M per year for cycling and walking infrastructure.

We’ll also provide $190M for flood-affected communities to rebuild and upgrade critical infrastructure, and allow councils to sue coal and gas companies for repairs after climate-driven severe weather events.

The Greens will also end the rorts and pork-barrelling by requiring independent assessment of applications for infrastructure grants.

We’ll push for the creation of a $3 billion fund to deliver local sports facilities, playgrounds and parks, with funding allocated based on a transparent and consultative mechanism.

5 If elected, what is the key issue you will champion in parliament?

We are in a climate emergency. It threatens the safety of people, our health, water, ability to grow food, and the air we breathe. The stakes couldn’t be higher.

If we continue to mine and burn coal, oil and gas, we’ll experience further economic losses, food, insurance and health costs will go up, and we’ll pay much higher energy bills. Over a million jobs in industries including tourism and farming are at risk.

The Greens have a plan to phase out coal & gas, and achieve net zero emissions by 2035.

The greatest danger to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.

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