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FEDERAL ELECTION 2022 Fairfax: Profile - Wendy Hazelton


Name: Wendy Hazelton

Age: 63

Current occupation: Airline Captain, Small Business Owner, Humanitarian, Mother, Grandmother, Horticulturist

Party: Informed Medical Options Party

Where do you live? Nambour

1 Finish this sentence. Voters should elect me because ...?

I support a society in which every citizen shall possess liberty , property and security and none shall be enslaved by ignorance or conformity.

Truth, Transparency and Accountability in Politics, Media and Science.

30 years of abusive government manipulation, poor management in all areas and the deceit of playing many Australians into deadly unnecessary Vaccination programs which are not limited to Covid.

I will find solutions and act upon them.

I will service the Fairfax community with honesty and Integrity.

I will expose corruption and manipulation.

I will end Mandates and Coercion.

I will cease the absurdity of insisting that Covid-19 vaccinations are safe and effective. I will expose the truth of these Vaccines and what the mandates are really about.
There will be a lot of “PLEASE EXPLAINS”, in the Parliament.

I will end Government, media and medical suppression. 

2 Cost of living pressures are being felt across your electorate with CPI at 5.1% and interest rates likely to continue rising. What will you do to ease those pressures?

Fix interest rates at the lowest rate possible.

Increase wages and welfare benefits and reduce taxation to all medium to low level wage earners.

Increase tax to all foreign ownerships.

Funding incentives and tax reductions to small and medium business.

Encourage the growing and selling of local produce with community orientated projects.

Increase Medicare benefits to people including the introduction of Natural Health Remedies and Practices.

We need to stop selling /shipping our natural resources.

3 Many people in your electorate have been affected by the housing and rental crisis. What will you do to address this issue in your electorate in the short and long term?

Firstly those who have been discriminated regarding their vaccine status back into the work force. To do this mandates must end Australia wide. Give people their RIGHTS back.

Local employers must support action to do this. Councils must also start supporting local communities more and support those more in need with worthy projects.

All freedoms must be returned and those who instigated the cruelty must be made accountable.

Federal and State funds need to be redirected into housing projects. The land and the money is all available now in Fairfax.

The light rail being a Billion dollar project benefiting a few should be a real starter for redirection of funding.

You can easily see what 1.6 Billion could do in this area!

We do not need overseas workers. That will just exasperate the housing shortage. What we need is our own Australians fully back to work. Healthy fit and keen Australians who want nothing more that to return to work. Those Australians who have been criminally discriminated upon by Mandates simply because they have the common sense to refuse a Genetic altering medical procedure.

4 As the population grows in your electorate, critical infrastructure will be crucial. What vital projects will you push for in your electorate?

We must find a way to move forward and out of this deep dark hole due to 30 years of poor governments.

The people of Fairfax I will ask to contribute to these solutions.

We are a Coast to Country electorate. An abundance of beauty and nature that is being constantly eroded by greedy corporate decisions that at times are made far away from the shores of our Australia.

Healthy structures that are capable of self sustainability while at the same time contributing to local communities.

These structures must service the local community in every respect.

We must protect our fragile environment and ecosystems as a priority and only enhance them. Any critical infrastructure must have full and thorough studies performed in all aspects of feasibility. Studies performed by authentic groups with no influences from outside Australia. Local contractors taking the lead in all tenders. No foreign interventions or investors.

5 If elected, what is the key issue you will champion in parliament?

 This question has been covered in why vote for me, however too many times the promises and thirty dirty years of Party politics and a very blatant Duopoly now has left many Australians in desperate need of help in too many areas.

The Pop Up Politicians, specially at election times with their continual blame upon each other , even after royal commissions who do not follow through shows clearly where we currently stand.

I stand for Truth Transparency and Accountability. I will ensure your every issue of concern is addressed.

I want to Campion the rights of all Australians to make their own choices with regard to a healthy government . I will take your concerns to Canberra and they will be dealt with in a proper and fitting manner.

I will bring back health into Politics ending for a start the Pharmaceutical Reign over our TGA.

I will commit to to repeal unjust legislation that has lead to so much hardship and anguish to so many Australians.


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