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Convicted child murderer Barrie John Watts has parole bid denied

Child murderer Barrie John Watts, who was convicted of the 1987 murder, rape and abduction of Noosa schoolgirl Sian Kingi, has had his bid for parole denied .

His parole rejection came after a long public campaign to keep Watts behind bars.

Watts and his then wife, Valmae Beck, were jailed for life for the 1987 abduction, rape and murder of Sian at Noosa.

The Parole Board Queensland found Watts posed an "unacceptable risk to the community".

The 32-page decision considered all the material presented, including in particular the expert opinion of Dr Josephine Sundin.

Dr Sundin was the consulting psychiatrist who prepared a report on Watts in February, 2015 .

Dr Sundin noted, statistically, given his age - 61 - there was “only a very small chance that he would commit another murder”.

“However, when one incorporates the findings of psychopathy and paraphilia in the form of probably sexual sadism, the potential for future sexual recidivism escalates dramatically,” Dr Sundin wrote.

“In my opinion Mr Watts represents an unacceptable risk to the safety of the general community.”

The parole board agreed and determined there was nothing Watts could do in the next 12 months to mitigate the risk.

Ninderry MP Dan Purdie welcomed the parole board’s decision today saying the family is happy with the outcome. .

“The support the family has received from Sian’s teachers, her friends and family has been overwhelming,” Mr Purdie says.

“I also want to thank the 72,000 people who signed our petition which no doubt sent a clear message to the parole board that our collective voices could not be ignored

“I’ve also made a commitment to the family that I will; ensure that the government passes tougher laws to ensure monsters like Barrie John Watts never see the light of day again.”


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