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'I am Nambour': Town embraces new identity


A Sunshine Coast township, which has been struggling with its image and reputation has set a new course for a vibrant future with the launch of its new branding.

The 'I am Nambour' brand has been developed to provide a consistent marketing theme across the key business drivers in Nambour - health, education, agriculture, IT, arts and culture and will hopefully attract further investment opportunities.

It’s part of the Reimagine Nambour roadmap – the Nambour Economic Transition Strategy (NETS) – that not only encourages business within the region but is also focussed on attracting investment from outside the town.

Brand ambassador and long-term Nambour businesswoman Rhonda Billet says Nambour is a "gorgeous little hinterland town” finally coming into its own.

“I think that Nambour is looking for where to next,” she says.

“I’ve had a business in Nambour for 22 years and we’ve been in transition for a long time and I think that it’s really important to understand with these rebranding things it helps give us business owners in particular, and the community, not only confidence but direction.

“Now is a time where we need to say to Nambour and its community - we’ve got this and we’re heading in the right direction.”

Reimagine Nambour facilitator Kerry Brown says the committee has been excited to be a part of the engagement process and is now thrilled to be able to show the community the result.

“What is great about the 'I am Nambour' brand identity is that it embraces Nambour’s name and can be connected with the aspirations of all industries within the town,” Ms Brown says.

“Nambour is proud of its heritage, its uniqueness and its inclusive community and this new brand will connect all of that together.

“It will be able to help businesses to really show the rest of the Sunshine Coast and Australia that Nambour is a supportive community which encourages growth and diversity in business and works collaboratively to achieve great outcomes.”

Federal Fairfax MP Ted O’Brien said Reimagine Nambour was established to help create a structure around the town’s future and create a roadmap for Nambour to transform its local economy.

“Ultimately this identity is owned by the local community, where they themselves are taking control of their own destiny. There so much such pride in the town and we now have a clear vision in which everybody can align,” Mr O’Brien said.

To see the brand and download the logo for your business to use, visit or read about the NETS at


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