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Local seafood suppliers busy despite Easter uncertainty


Local seafood markets are reporting strong sales ahead of Easter, despite the coronavirus lockdown in Greater Brisbane.

Christian, of Mooloolaba Fish Market, admits Easter gathers have been tricky to plan but it isn’t deterring locals from stocking up on fresh fish, shellfish and the famous Mooloolaba prawns.

"It has to be one of the best in the world for the reason that it has that nice bright, orange colour.

"It has the beautiful firm shell and the meat is so crisp."

He says he has noticed restaurants a bit reluctant to order large amounts, but many families are still prepared to hook in.

"It [lockdown] isn't going to effect the retail side of things much at all.

"We've got a huge local following, and a lot of the guys and girls are going to come down here and purchase fresh seafood for Easter."

He is urging people who haven’t sourced their seafood over the long weekend to buy from a local supplier because the Sunshine Coast fishing industry has been hit hard by the coronavirus downturn.

[Photo: Mooloolaba Fish Market]

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