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Fill up now with fuel prices predicted to climb


If tempers are boiling at the bowser, you can understand why. 

Petrol prices are soaring on the Sunshine Coast, and it is only expected to get worse over the next few days. 

Drivers are paying top dollar for fuel because the region is heading into what is known as the "expensive" phase of the price cycle.

People are paying on average 151.5 cents per litre for unleaded on the Sunshine Coast. 

RACQ spokesperson Vivien O'Connor says prices should peak over the next few days, so if motorists need fuel, they should fill up 

"We are in the expensive phase across the south east which means prices are incredibly expensive, and motorists should be delaying filling up the tank," Ms O'Connor says.

"Price cycles are functions of competitive markets, so we see prices fluctuate by about 30 to 40 cents per litre over a period of about three to four weeks."

The global oil price also plays a part in pushing up prices.

"That's why it is so important for motorists to be paying attention to what is going at the bowser because you can save if you're filling up during the cheap phase."



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