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Investigation launched into "gastro" outbreak at Inskip Point


Reports of a gastro-like illness doing the rounds among campers at Inskip Point Recreation Area is being looked into by the Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service.

Environmental health manager Greg Bennett says the organisation has been alerted about a potential bug.

"We're working with the Parks and Wildlife rangers to look at things like the shared facilities and just see what possible behaviours there might be that could be spreading this bug between people," he says.

Mr Bennett says they aren't exactly sure what the illness actually is.

"We haven't had anything formal; we've had no diagnosis from any medical practitioner so we're not really sure, at this stage, what it is that we're dealing with."

While investigations continue, Mr Bennett is reminding campers of the importance of personal hygiene, even when we're roughing it in the wilderness.

"I know that there has been soap and sanitiser provided in the toilet block facilities so use that, clean down surfaces thoroughly and bear in mind that the water supplied in the toilet facilities at those campgrounds is not potable water

"Potentially it will be better to be using bottled water to clean your teeth and that kind of thing."

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