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Cat with 'severe injuries' found dead in freezer


The RSPCA is calling for anyone with information to come forward, following the brutal death of a cat, south of Caboolture.

The white-and-ginger tabby was found deceased in a freezer at Dakabin Dump on June 25.

The RSPCA's Michael Beatty said the cat had suffered severe internal injuries.

"The post-mortem revealed that the injuries most likely came from the cat being swung around by its tail.

"Very distressing that someone could do something like that," he said.

It also appears the cat was put in the freezer alive and suffered for a period of time before dying.

The cat was not microchipped and unfortunately the two CCTV cameras at the dump that would have shown the vehicle entering, appear to have been corrupted so no footage was available.

It was also possible that the person who dumped the freezer was not the offender as the freezer had frozen items still in it and the cat was not frozen.

Anyone who has any information is urged to call 1300 ANIMAL.

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