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FLOODS | Mayor Says Council Will Look At Drainage In The City

Sunshine Coast council staff are on the ground on Thursday, following the latest deluge.  

Mayor Mark Jamieson said they have several council staff members in the field on Thursday, making sure accesses are cleared.

He urged motorists worried about road conditions to head to the Disaster Hub on Sunshine Coast Regional Council's website.

Mayor Jamieson said there are a couple of properties impacted by floodwaters at Coolum, "We did have to evacuate the Estia [Health] Retirement Home and I give great credit to the council team...who was instrumental in getting a fleet of taxi cabs there to help those 40 Estia residents be moved to other facilities".

"And, as I said, there was another apartment block in Coolum that's been undermined, I'm not sure to what extent, that will require some specialist advice.

"Beyond that, I guess all of the rivers and creeks are flowing well and truly and again I'd urge people to be just conscious of their own personal safety.

He said scarping of local beaches has been an issue for a while on the Sunshine Coast.

The Mayor was asked if something should be done to improve drainage in Coolum, with properties flooded there in the past. But he stressed that Councillor Jason O'Pray visited the area on Thursday and had discovered that council drainage was not to blame for the issues overnight.

He also said the drain near the unit block that was evacuated was not blocked and was draining well.

Mayor Jamieson said a couple of inches of water made it into the Estia Health Retirement Village but that is now draining away. Unity Water is currently onside fixing the sewage main near the facility. He added "We will continue to review our stance on drainage in the area, if there are ways it can be improved, we will certainly consider that".

The new runway at the Sunshine Coast Airport is also underwater on Thursday, but Mayor Jamieson said he isn't worried about that. "There's obviously a lot of water on the airport site, they've just had 230 odd millimetres but the construction of the runway is well underway and the tar is being...the bitumen is being laid their presently".

"It will be interrupted because of the rain but water on site is well managed and we are subject to what the weather does, if there is more rain it will continue to build, if there is less rain and it starts to dry out it will decrease.

The Mayor also urged motorists not to take unnecessary risks, saying he saw some drivers doing just that on his way into work on Thursday.

He said residents can report their concerns about local streets to council's call centre or visit the Disaster Hub here. 

By Michelle Brewer 

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