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Aussie First Infrastructure Opens On Sunshine Coast


Looking across at the new Diverging Diamond Interchange at Glenview.  The design is popular in America.  Image Credit: Michelle Brewer 

Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey has checked out the opening of Australia’s first Diverging Diamond Interchange, on the Sunshine Coast.

The $15 million project was unveiled at Glenview opposite Daisy’s Place on Thursday.  

Minister Bailey (pictured below) said the Caloundra Road-Sunshine Motorway Interchange is progressing.  


Minister Mark Bailey.  Image Credit: Michelle Brewer 

The new bridges opened overnight, "So people are starting to see the new infrrastructure in action and over the next 12 months we'll see the progression of new sections opening up as this site gets better and better".  

The project is jointly funded by the State and Federal Government and has created more than 700 job opportunities.  


Looking across at the new Diverging Diamond Interchange at Glenview.  Image Credit: Michelle Brewer 

Mr Bailey said the old interchange just wasn't coping with the volume of traffic, "It's a very innovative design, we're seeing divergent diamond interchanges in the US in 100 different locations now, this is the very first in Australia and now we're doing a second one in Queensland subsequent to this, because it will mean much more efficient traffic flow, is the short version but it will also mean a lot less crashes".  

The other good news out of this project is that commuters will be able to access local services more easily without having to get on and off the Bruce Highway, which the Minister said is "Always a bit perilous when you only have to be on there for a short distance, so your ability to get through the local road network is ".  

Minister Bailey also stressed that "There will be a cycleway coming through here, so if you need to get to local services you'll be able to do so on a separated cycleway".  

When asked if the inclusion of a dedicated cycleway had anything to do with the two cycling fatalities in the Meridan Plains area, where bikes and cars share the road, the Minister replied that while he couldn't comment on specific accidents, "It is a benefit to everybody, both motorists and cyclists whenever we can separate cycling and roadways, there's obvious safety benefits there".  

He also said he was confident that cyclists and motorists did not want to be mixing with each other if it could be avoided 

Further sections of the interchange will open over the next 12 months.

Mr Bailey also touched on work happening east of Gympie, "This last section of the Bruce Highway upgrade from Cooroy to Curra, we're seeing design maps 'on tap' for the public from next Monday in Gympie; so people in Tin Can Bay, Rainbow Beach and Kilkivan and Curra will be able to see the maps and the designs as well".  

You can check out the design at the TMR office in Gympie.  

He said that over the last ten years, 62 kilometres of the Bruce Highway will have been upgraded.  That work includes a new alignment east of Gympie, taking out a large number of traffic lights and hopefully reducing the number of accidents in the area.  

By Michelle Brewer 

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