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Solar Panels Spark House Fire, Morayfield

Emergency crews have been called to Morayfield on Wednesday, after solar panels on the roof of a house caught alight.  

They were called to the corner of Williamson Road and Ward Drive at 12:41PM.  

Six teams of Firefighters headed to the scene and could see smoke pouring from the roof of the home where there are 24 solar panels installed.

Three teams remain at the scene.

Energex was called to shut off the power.

Police are also at the scene.  

The Fire Investigation Unit will be notified and will head to the property to determine the cause.

Paramedics offered to check the condition of a person located at the property, but they declined.  

The QFES said it was believed the fire was still alight at the time of publication.  

By Michelle Brewer 

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