WANTED: Chief beer taster for Noosa brewery

November 22, 2023 9:17 am in by

Is this the best job in Australia?

Brothers and brewers Craig and Lance Masterton from Heads of Noosa Brewery are looking for a CBTO – Chief Beer Tasting Officer.

The successful candidate will be required to work four days a year from their Noosa HQ and will be paid a whopping $250 an hour for their time.

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The job description includes making critical decisions about whether the beer meets Heads of Noosa’s exceptional standards.

Head brewer and Heads of Noosa co-founder Lance Masterton talking about Australia’s best job.

The key responsibilities include popping the top on the very first beer from the 2024 limited release beers brewed, analyse the aroma, flavour, and overall brew quality and celebrating a job well done by enjoying the remaining 59 minutes of your ‘workday’ however you see fit.

You’ll need to have a passion for beer that rivals your love for anything else in life, a refined palate that can distinguish the finest nuances of malt and hops and an uncanny ability to tell the difference between good beer and “Holy s#!&, this is what dreams are made of!” beer.

Oh and on top of being paid you get free lunch, a uniform and two cartons of every 2024 Heads of Noosa Limited Release.

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To apply, go to their website and explain in 50 words or less why you’re the best person for the job.

Applications close on Friday 17 December.


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