Sunshine Coast electorate named fatal crash hotspot

September 13, 2022 7:18 am in by
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A Sunshine Coast electorate has tied for sixth place, when it comes to the most dangerous roads in Queensland.

There have been five fatal crashes in Ninderry, from January until July 31 this year.

Local MP Dan Purdie say while road conditions and driver behaviour play a part in the shocking toll, the region also needs more police resources to keep up with the growing population.

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“Police resources have been stretched thin, they haven’t kept pace with population increases, and subsequently that time spent policing our road rules is down as well,” Mr Purdie says. 

“The five fatalities in my electorate, a number of them were attributed to driver behaviour.

“That is a shame and we need to make sure people are abiding by the road rules, but we do know when police resources are stretched and they don’t have the time to police those road rules, people do take advantage of that.”

“Currently on the Sunshine Coast, we’re sitting at 21 fatalities and at this time last year it was ten, so more than double the amount of people have lost their lives on our roads.”

“We need to ensure that police are adequately resourced and that we are spending adequate funding on our local road network to improve safety.”

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