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Ali Gatie drops by the Random 30


Ali Gatie wears his heart on his sleeve in his new song “It's You.” The track exposes the Canadian artist's vulnerable side as he opens himself up to love, risking any heartache that may follow. "If I'm ever gonna fall in love, I know it's gonna be you," Ali croons over the sweet acoustic melody tinged with a faint R&B undertone.

"It's You" emerged as a continuation to Ali's smash hit "Moonlight," which already has nearly 3 million views for its recent visual and over 38 million streams across platforms. "After releasing my heartbreak single 'Moonlight' and seeing how much of a lasting impact it had on people, I wanted to continue the narrative so I wrote 'It’s You,'" he explains. "A song that describes the feeling of trying to balance the fear of heartbreak with the excitement of love. It carries on the story of heartbreak that 'Moonlight' painted and illustrates how love can be scary and beautiful at the same time." Check out "It's You" HERE and stay tuned for more to come!


At just 22-years-old, singer-songwriter Ali Gatie is changing the game. Born in Yemen and raised in the Toronto suburb of Mississauga, Ali has propelled his way to acquiring a global fanbase. Without professional support or industry connections, he racked up millions of streams for self-released hits, including the acoustic ballad “Moonlight.” Along with an incredible knack for creating music, Ali's unwavering dedication to his listeners is beyond belief–like the time he responded to over 2,000 fan messages on Snapchat in a single day. To-date, Ali Gatie has generated over 60 million cumulative streams and captured attention from the likes of HYPEBEASTComplex, Genius and more.

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