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Is Ed Sheeran coming to GOT season 8?

Game Of Thrones has finally shed some light on what happened to Ed Sheeran's GOT character and let's just say he won't be returning in season 8.

I'm sure you remember his cameo appearance in 2017 with season 7 where he led a sing-along among the group of Lannister soldiers and even a sneaky brief convo with Arya Stark - But WHY isn't he coming back? Well he has been on his Divide world tour which will take a huge amount of his time but the real reason is Ed was not expecting a return to season 8, in fact, he knew his character wasn't going to be a long term survivor.

Ed has said "that now I have done it, no one wants to see him come back," Umm said no one EVER.  He did only want to do a cameo and now that he did do that, he is happy.

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