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Dan Sultan apologises for a ‘train wreck’ concert

Performing in front of 500 people would be an awesome feeling right?? Maybe Dan Sultan didn't feel awesome because he has apologised after nearly 500 audience members wanted a refund.  His performance in Cairns last June was described as 'very uncomfortable' even with Dan falling off his chair oh and even forgetting the lyrics 

But the Melbourne-based singer’s management issued a statement apologising on his behalf and Sultan to reveal he was getting “professional help”.

On Thursday, Sultan shared a personal message to his Facebook page, apologising for his performance and announcing he planned to “make it right” with a show in Cairns on Friday night.

He revealed how his now-infamous performance had turned out to be a blessing in disguise because Dan is now celebrating being nine months sober.

“Last year on June 2nd, I played the worst show I have and will ever play, in beautiful Far North Queensland,” he wrote.

“The fallout following that show, sparked actions to address and amend things about my life and lifestyle that I’d been avoiding, lying to myself about, dismissing and deflecting for a long time.

“It was an extremely difficult time but one of the biggest blessings I could’ve ever asked (or not asked) for. At just under 9 months sober, I’m really thankful that I’ll be returning to Cairns tomorrow night for a ‘Make it Right Show’.

“As someone who prides themselves on being a professional and a great performer, this is very important to me and I truly felt like I’d sold everyone in the room that night short. From the audience to the venue staff and of course myself. To anyone who was at the show June 2nd last year, I hope to see you tomorrow night March 1st.”

Dan has admitted to drinking problems in the past and maybe this concern made him understand his life better and fix it.  He has said he doesn't drink on tour anymore

We send our love and support to Dan and wish him all the best.  

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