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THAI RESCUE - Time is running out...


The world is gripped by the story of a Thai soccer team trapped in a cave in Thailand following on from a training session where the boys ventured into the cave to write their names on the walls, a team tradition and initiation of sorts.

No one could have expected the wild weather outside to turn so nasty with the weather event flooding various sections of the cave trapping the boys.


12 Boys aged between 11 and 16 plus their Coach (25) have now been trapped for 12 days, Nave seals found the boys after 9 days amidst emotional scens from a global community holding its breath. The boys were found safe and relatively well.

This good news quickly turned a second time as flood waters continue to rise making an extraction only possible by the boys scuba diving out sections of the cave system.

Many of the boys cannot swim let alone scuba dive and time is running out...


We are sending love and well wishes to all involved and Dave, Sam and Ash spoke with local dive instructor and youth dive expert Scuba Steve from Subsurface Scuba for his thoughts...

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