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BEN ELTON drops by...


Ben Elton is a household name for all the right reasons, the comic/writer/actor/director/actor/intellectual/political animal and AUSTRALIAN is on a national tour to promote his latest offering 3 Summers.

From the pen of the man whos CV includes the Young Ones, Blackadder, Sat Night Live; not to mention is countless best selling novels, broadway smashing musicals and highly acclaimed films its hard to believe he is on the promtional tour persoanlly. But perhaps thats the Aussie in him shining through.

Ben arrived at the studio calm and ready to talk about anything and everything, I quickly learned that he will not take a backward step and that this highly intelligent icon of the entertainment industry was 100% focussed on telling and presenting an honest Australian film.

Now at this stage I hadn't seen the film, so we waxed about his history in Australia, love, life and his amazing career.

Having seen the film, I am so glad we had the chance to talk about something else as it would have dominated every spare's THAT good, we have been yearning for another Aussie classic in the ilk of the Castle and the Dish......Baz Luhrmans AUSTRALIA left me cold and its been along time since Mad Max and Crocodile Dundee to excite the masses. Finally, we have soemthing to get excited about, this is a great cast, a great script, beautifully shot and all round fabulous movie.

Check the trailer here, the movie opens in cincemas NOV 2.

I had the great opportunity to spend some time with Ben catch the full interview here...

Thanks Ben!