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and the WINNER IS - Jericho!


The stage was set, Eumundi local Tara Pitt against Victorian Jericho Malabonga ...after Peter got flicked by Jericho after he won the gruelling log stand challenge.


it was just the two at Tribal council trying to convence the JURY who should take home the $500k and almost more importantly the title of SOLE SURVIVOR.


after much deliberation the JURYs verdict saw the little bloke, the nice guys of the show, the smiling assasin take out the title and see the Sunshine Coast earn its second runner up on the show in as many years..last year local lad the ridiculously good looking Lee Castledine set the precedent.


And so ends another season, we will miss the talented and NOT DIVA in any way Jonothan La Paglia after every single person we talked to wouldn't dish any dirt on the charasmatic host...

This morning Dave, Sam and Ash talked to the new 1/2 Millionaire and Sole Survivor, catch it here...