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Man, Dave Should Feel Like A Woman - Week II


Dave has been a trooper with his first week of Man, Dave Should Feel Like a Woman...the lad has taken it all in his stride and week two will see things ramp up a bit!!!


Lets see how is is going with his new talons...


Day 7 - Baby Belly and Chemical Peel, Pluck and Stuff...

DAY 8: Belly Button Pierced...

There had been a few comments that we weren't hurting Dave enough...soooooo, we thought we'd up the anti a bit, we blindfolded him and took him to get his Belly Button Pierced!

DAY 9: Leg, Bikini and Bum WAX!!!!! - We have been waiting a long time for this momnet, we've counted down the days like a demonic advent calendar, the idea of waxing Dave's considerable hairy bum has been the No 1 request from women of the Sunshine Coast, well here it is in all its glory! Well played Dave and thanks to Sammy from Polished Beauty. You're a legend.