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Eddie the car surfing Magpie.....with Dave, Sam and Ash


Dave, Sam and Ash have this uncanny ability to secure interviews no one else can get, you might remeber the chat they had with Migaloo the rare albino humpback whale on his romatic way to Hervey Bay, or the exclusive chat they had with Colin the Great White Shark embroiled in the J Bay controversy when he was innocently trying to get a selfie with Mick Fanning well the latest in untouchable celebrities this team has maanged to get on their show is Eddie. Eddie is the adrenaline seeking Magpie from Golden Beach, this thrillseeker makes up for the lack of surf in Golden Beach by surfing cars.....if you missed it catch it here.

No one can provide a better explanation as to why Eddie has an American accent, best guess is that he did a student exchange when he was younger to California....that's our story anyway and we're sticking to it.