Ash's Beginners Swimming Program

Our very own Ash has designed these programs for people who are short on time, training for a triathlon and want to brush up on their swim leg. Swimming is also fantastic for clearing the mind.

These sets are also adaptable to your desired distance, you can do sets twice or three times if you’re feeling adventurous.

Monday: 1km

  • 400m- 50m Freestyle / 50m backstroke
  • 300m freestyle- 50m at 70% / 50m at 80%
  • 200m kick- 50m freestyle / 50m breaststroke
  • 100m - breaststroke / backstroke easy

Tuesday: 1km

  • 200m easy warm up
  • 10 x 50m freestyle- 25m sprint / 25m easy (20seconds rest between)
  • 2 x 100m Individual Medley- 25m fly / 25m back / 25m breast / 25m free (15 seconds rest between)
  • 100m easy cool down

Wednesday: 1km

  • 300m- choice
  • 2 x 50- 25m free / 25m breaststroke at 80%
  • 2 x 100- freestyle at 90%
  • (This set to be done twice through)
  • 100m backstroke cool down

Thursday: 1.5km

  • 500m - 100m swim / 100m kick
  • 400m - 100m swim / 100m pull with pull buoy
  • 300m - 25m sprint free / 25m easy backstroke
  • 200m - 50m breaststroke / 50m free
  • 100m choice cool down

Friday: 1.2km

  • 6 x 100m @ 1. Freestyle 1. Kick
  • 6 x 50m @ 1. Sprint 1. Easy
  • 100m freestyle time trial
  • 200m easy cool down

Tips for kids swimming lessons for parents to do at home, depending on the age and your kids level:

If you’re child is just starting off in the water and still getting used to the environment it’s important to keep up the familiarity of the water:

Teaching the kids to float on their back is extremely important (if they fall in the pool, they can roll on their back to save themselves.)

Place their head on your shoulder and submerge your shoulder. Your child should be now flat on their back. Encourage them to push their belly button to the top of the sky. Allow them to float with you for 20 seconds

Monkey crawl along the wall to get them to familiarise themselves with how to get out of the water.

Kicking and splashing and having fun is one of the most important things you could do to get them comfortable with the water for this run between swimming lessons.

Turn it into a game and get them to hold onto the side of the pool and splash you in the face.

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