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Zelda's First DLC Should Be An Update

Nintendo have released the first DLC for it's epic masterpiece Zelda: Breath of the Wild. 

The content adds to the original story quiet well giving you another reason to get back into the world and continue the fight. 

First lets talk about the Trial of the Sword game mode, which gets players to fight their way through 45 enemie filled rooms starting with nothing but a pair of pants to cover your modesty.

It's a nice addition and the reward if you can make it to the end is well worth it, but considering this is the "hero" of the additions it just doesnt feel like enough. I really wanted more story and insight into the world and characters and this is just another task with a "horde mode" feel.

Another addition is a harder mode. Master Mode adds things like making Link easier to spot, increases the ranks of the enemies (where there was red monster there is now a blue) , and lets them regenerate hearts if you don't kill them quickly.

For those who are exploring the map still you will find that there are added enemies and alternative enemy placements, which makes the experience slightly different.

Hero's Path is really cool, it shows your progress on the map with a timeline. Basically it tracks the last 200 hours of play time so pretty much your whole game and includes a way to jump forward and backward in a super speed look at where you have been. this is really handy to see those spots that you havent visited yet if you are still chasing down lost shrines.


The Travel Medallion, is a marker that lets you travel back to that position. Nice new feature that means there isnt as much leg work in getting to those hard to reach spots.

The features in the DLC are good but I never felt like they added much more to the story, in fact they feel more like a "version 1.8" update or something.

It's really great to have a reason to go back into the world but paying for this type of content feels wrong, even with the sweet Nintendo Switch tshirt you get for your character. 

The good news is that this only sets the path for the next DLC "The Champions' Ballad" that will feature a new dungeon and actual story content. 

Does anyone else wish that you could keep playing the game after you defeat Gannon? I'd love to use that light bow on some other enemies.