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Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy

I admit that when it was first announced that there was a plan to remaster and release the Crash Banicoot series for Next Gen consoles I thought do we really need that?

The problem with most remastering of games is that the nostaligia rarely lives up to real life playing. So many titles should have just stayed in our memories of what was great when we were kids and surely a game like Crash Bandicoot just wouldn't translate to the modern gamer.

Thankfully this reimagining of the classic is done in a way that respects the original title but ads enough spit and polish to make it playable on the consoles and television screens of today.

The game adds the ability to play as Crash’s sister Coco, which is kinda cool but at the end of the day it doesn't add that much extra. I put it through the filter "if if wasn't in the game would I miss it?" and the answer came up a resounding no. 

The real beauty of this game has always been that any novice can pick it up and enjoy it. A lot of people who don't consider themselves gamers often state that their favourite game is Crash Bandicoot and now with this version of the classic platformers it's open to a new generation to collect apples and defeat the evil Dr Cortex. 

The best of the three titles has to be the second game "Cortex Strikes Back" as the first game is still limited by its age and awkwardness and the last (Warped) felt a bit too gimmicky. 

Crash Bandicoote N.Sane Trilogy is a 3 out of 5