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Nerf Nitro - Toy Review

Nerf has released a new series of toys that are very different to the classic style Nerf Launchers. 

These handy new toys now launch FOAM CARS instead of darts so you can set them up on flat surfaces to do awesome tricks. 

We've been playing with them here in the office and so far have had them flying up walls and doing jumps from desk to desk smashing into road blocks that we set up for them. 

It's certainly a different take on the classic nerf and well work a look at. 

There are three types of launchers as well,

The "Longshot Smash" is a single fire larger launcher that packs a punch to get good distance on your car, all the packs come with plastic barrels and objects to set up and smash down. It actually reminds me of an old board game we used to play as kids called Crossbows and Catapults. Does anyone else remember that game? 



The "Flashfury Chaos" is a launcher that you can pack 4 cars in for a rapid reload and this one also comes with pop up targets which is great if you want to set up a race with a mate (you can tell who hits the finishline first). This is my favourite to use when you are trying to pull off that hard to do stunt, like up the ramp, over the desk and into my workmates coffee. 



and the smaller hand launcher is the "Throttleshot Blitz". This would be handy for a kid on the go, it's the same power but less to pack when you go over to your mates place to race your Nitro cars.


By the end of our worktime/playtime session we had all named our cars, my black car was "KITT" (from Knight Rider) and my red car was Lightning McQueen (Cars) showing that even a 30 something year old man can get lost in the imagination of this toy. Dad's will love playing with these as well, it's all about the set up and making that impossible stunt. 

Like the lady in the video said, the face that these don't have a track to go on does mean that there is less to pack up and that is a good thing. The size of the parts also mean that they are not likely to be sucked up inside  the vacuum cleaner when you are cleaning under the couch. 

You can also get lots of accessories for them like extra car packs in case you loose a few of them down drains playing outside.... not saying we have.. but well.. yeah.

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