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The Legend Of Zelda - Breath of the Wild - Review

We've waited years for the release of a new Zelda game that isn't just an appearence of Link in a Smash Bros or Mario Kart setting and the new Breath of the Wild is the game we have been waiting for.

Created for both the Wii-U and the Nintendo Switch this title uses the newer consoles features in a way that really showcases the system.

Throughout the game you are constantly referencing a tablet that is similar in design to the Switch in mobile mode, it does a great job of putting you in the setting. 

The enemies are varied enough for you to not get bored fighting them as you traverse the 50 or so hours of gameplay (to be honest I think it's more like a 100 hours plus if you really want to explore as much as possible and don't rush).

The open world is as good as it gets, in some respects it reminds me of a 3rd person version of the Far Cry series which is great because that is one game that uses open world very well. Even the capture the towers to unlock more map details is very Far Cry, but lets face it, games borrow from games and Far Cry probably owes alot of its success to Zelda as well. Which ever way you look at it Zelda does it all seemlessly.

I'm not a fan of this style of art, The backgrounds look amazing but in some cases I feel like they went with this cell shaded look because it was easier on the system specs rather than a good choice for gameplay. Having said that I didn't feel it took me out of the game at all, so it wasnt that big a deal.

Zelda is famous for problem solving puzzles and this title does not disappoint. Some are more challenging than others but all are enjoyable. I especially enjoyed getting lost in the labrynths. 

Leveling up is a seemless part of the game, the mechanics are built into the quests and you don't spent ages going through stats and adjusting, it's done very well.

Don't be afraid to come back to an enemy you can't defeat at a later time when you are stronger. That is the whole point of open world RPGs and sometimes you get stuck in a rutt trying to defeat a creature that is way out of your league. 

I could go on about the The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild all day, but the most important thing for you to know, is that it's worth it. Worth your time, Worth the purchase of a Nintendo Switch, worth everything. You don't see games like this very often and when we do it's a great reminder of why Nintendo are so popular and why we love playing video games.

Zelda is fun for all ages and is a 5 out of 5